Limbal relaxing incisions for astigmatism

Limbal relaxing incisions (LRI’s) are a very efficient way to treat astigmatism, either alone or during or after cataract surgery. They can even be performed prior to or after LASIK or PRK.

The tight corneal fibers, which are maintaining the cornea in a football curvature, are released with a microsurgical diamond blade or femtosecond laser, so as to allow the cornea to spring into a more basketball-shaped curvature, decreasing astigmatism.

While most ophthalmologists can only offer this technique at a surgery center or hospital in conjunction with cataract surgery, Ophthalmology Associates has proudly offered limbal relaxing incisions to a much larger patient population in our well-equipped Sewickley office-based microsurgical suite for the past ten years.

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