Corneal Inlays for Presbyopia

The Kamra® and Raindrop® corneal inlays were recently approved by the FDA for treatment of presbyopia, which is the inability to focus close for reading and other tasks when the patient is wearing his or her distance glasses or contact lenses, or is naturally focused far without glasses. This is most commonly due to age, beginning in one’s mid-thirties and becoming intolerable by age 50 or so. Symptoms of inability to focus near may also occur after cataract surgery, which most commonly focuses the eye far, at the expense of unaided near vision.

These inlays may increase patients’ ability to read without glasses, without as large of a sacrifice in distance vision as would occur with reading glasses, monovision contact lenses, or multifocal contact lenses. They may be placed in an eye with no prior surgical procedures, after LASIK or PRK, and theoretically even after cataract surgery.

Corneal inlays are considered by insurances to be cosmetic in nature, and are thus a non-covered service.

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