Medical, surgical and lifestyle management

Dry eye has become a popular topic in ophthalmology in recent years, and its treatment has undergone somewhat of a renaissance. Medical treatments include various prescription and non-prescription eye drops, gel-drops, gels, ointments, sprays , oral medications and supplements. Surgical treatments may address dry eye caused by eyelid malposition, corneal conditions, or conjunctivochalasis. In patients who have used punctal plugs successfully, the puncta can be closed surgically so that the plugs are no longer necessary. In patients with incomplete blinking or incomplete closure during sleep, due to Bell’s palsy, acoustic neuroma or other conditions, a gold weight may be placed within the upper eyelid to correct eyelid position and improve closure.

Lifestyle management for dry eye includes hot compresses, lid scrubs, and nutritional support to improve the quality of the tear film produced by the lacrimal and oil glands.